Keeneland for Dummies: Tips For Your First Day at the Races!

April 17, 2019 in Fashion, Local - 1 Comment

WOW! (Owen Wilson voice) I am beyond thankful for the response from my first blog post! Thank you for the love and support! I cried a few times, the day I released my first post. My heart is so full!

This post is a little (12 days) delayed due to trying to figure out how to build this new and improved site!

I’ve been to Keeneland a total of 3 times. *Disclaimer I still don’t understand everything, but here are some tips I wish I would have known when I moved here from Iowa!

Randall Routt IG: @dublar

1.) EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM: You are the bird. The worm is a good tailgating spot! Wake up early and start getting snazzy for the day.

2.) CHAMPAGNE CAMPAIGN: Hold your horses! Do not start pregaming when you wake up. You will be tempted to open your cheap bottle of champagne and OJ. Don’t do it. Follow step number 1 instead! Keenland is an all day thing, save your Mimosas and energy for the tailgate.

3.) SNACKS: Bring them, cause duh, food.

4.) WALK IT OUT: Are your shoes built for comfort or Instagram likes? My first time at Keeneland, I wore some really high suede heel boots However, I did not realize that after the tailgate on top of the grassy hill, my group would eventually make the long voyage to the Grandstand (the entrance to the race track). PRO TIP: Wear comfy yet cute shoes, they do exist!

5.) CASH MONEY: Don’t be like me and pull your credit card out the entrance, when trying to pay the $5 general admission fee. (So embarrassing) Luckily I was with people from Kentucky who covered me. CASH ONLY.

6.) I GOT $2 ON IT: Betting is super complex and I don’t get it. I would love to learn more though! I recommend researching how to bet before going. I just randomly picked horses, paid $2 CASH (on my second visit to Keenland) and lost, so there’s that.

7.) BURRR WHAT? (Burgoo is a thing at the concession stand inside Keenland and a staple in Kentucky! *confession* I still have NOT tried it. I am a soup goddess. Seriously, I made soup every week for like a year in college! So, basically I will be making it sometime soon!

8.) GET THE LOOK ON A BUDGET: I assumed you had to wear a hat to horse races, but that is FALSE. I wore a $15 Orange Old Navy Dress my first year. This year I went to Clothes Mentor in Lexington and found this (J-Crew) teal green dress for $20! You don’t have to spend a fortune to be sassy. Remember that!

Randall Routt IG: @dublar

9.) COUNT SHEEP: After a LONG day at the races, go home, shower, and SLEEP. Then wake up for a late dinner. Go get Mexican food (that’s what I did anyways!)

Stay Sassy Y’all!





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  • Zack Mitchell April 17, 2019 at 6:39 PM

    Been to Keeneland a few times, but I still could’ve used this advice this past weekend when I went! Great post.

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