Woah, My First Blog Post! *(technically 2nd copied it from my first site to this one)

Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog (Such a millennial thing to say right? I know) My name is Miranda and I’m a 24 year old stuck in that awkward phase of wanting to live wild and free, but also figuring out this whole “adulting” thing. Anyone with me?

Three years ago I moved to Lexington, KY without a “big girl job” actually without a job at all, without friends and family. It was just me, my college degree, and my new puppy Bella Louise.

Several people have told me I’m crazy for randomly moving to Lexington. They ask me questions like “Why would you leave your amazing home state, friends, and family? Especially without a job lined up!” Well I wanted a change of scenery, adventure, and to challenge myself to be a strong independent woman (insert girl power quote here).

Randall Routt IG: @dublar

After several breakdowns, late night calls to my mom balling my eyes out, a few jobs, some stress eating, and a bad breakup. I am finally realizing that I’ve actually been killing it this whole time, in between all the breakdowns and late night Krispy Kreme runs. I’ve learned so much about myself, forgiveness, and life in general. I’ve done some pretty amazing things here in the beautiful bluegrass like ran a 10 mile race (never again lol), pursued modeling, volunteered with some great local organizations, got to be courtside at a UK men’s basketball game, zip lined over the Red River Gorge, and networked like a boss!)

I’m growing spiritually, physically, and mentally. Tomorrow is not promised and I’m beyond grateful for today. Stay tuned for a little insight, advice, some messy stuff (because life is messy), things to do in lex, and of course some sassiness!

Randall Routt IG: @dublar

Stay Sassy Y’all



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