Teeth Whitening Made Easy and Painless!

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Working full time and being a single dog mom is tough y’all. I’m always on the go and trying to do everything. I don’t know how people have time to focus on clearing their skin up, eating healthy, working out daily, getting their nails done, hair done, everything done (insert favorite Drake song ” Fancy”) Phew I’m exhausted! One thing that I’ve slacked on the past year, is my smile. I drink lots of coffee and eat lots of staining foods. My teeth are not pearly white like the IG Models, who have all the time in the world to “perfect” themselves. I have tried whitening strips, but they never stayed on and rarely made a difference. I tried other custom trays, but they were heavy and the solution literally bleached my gums for a short period of time! Ouch!

Recently I found Smile Brilliant! I was so excited to try a brand that I had already heard and read great things about! Smile Brilliant is a company that specializes in sensitive teeth whitening. They send you a welcome kit that includes everything you need to get the perfect white smile! I followed the simple instructions and sent my molds to Smile Brilliant. A few days later, I received my custom fitted trays in the mail. They were  lightweight and easy to keep on. They fit perfectly.

After my first whitening session, I was hooked! I  saw a difference and I experienced no pain. First I brushed my teeth, then I wore my trays with the whitening solution for 45 minutes. However you can whiten up to 2 hours. After I whitened, I followed up with the desensitizing gel. The Smile Brilliant kit was so simple to use and pain free. I can now whiten while I watch Netflix, or write a blog! The best time to whiten is before bed according to Smile Brilliant. Check out their site for some helpful whitening tips! I highly recommend this brand, not only is the actual product amazing; but their customer service team is AMAZING! They answered all my questions.

Do you want to win a custom full teeth whitening kit ($149 credit)? Enter your name and email in the giveaway link below. Bonus entry if you provide your Instagram handle. With this collab, I have been given a discount code to extend to y’all! Use code sassinthebluegrass15 to save 15% of your Smile Brilliant whitening kit!



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