Hey Y’all! 

My name is Miranda and I’m the founder of  Sass in the Bluegrass. Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more! After walking on stage at graduation in 2016 from The University of Northern Iowa; I traveled to France for 2 weeks to finish an elective course. Two days after I got back from France, I packed up and moved 9 hours away to Lexington. I visited a few times in college with both my family and friends for vacation. We toured the horse farms, went out downtown,  toured Woodford, checked out the Mary Todd Lincoln House, and ate WAFFLE HOUSE (which does not exist in Iowa, unfortunately). After coming to Lexington a few times a year for the last half of my college career, I fell in love with KY! So I ended up moving here without friends, family, or a career lined up. (Crazy I know!) It was stressful and difficult, but I am so glad I did it. Thank God for my supportive mom. She is literally superwoman y’all!

I’ve learned alot about independence, forgiveness,business and life as a ‘real adult.’ I  have networked and made some amazing friends + professionals in my field! Although I’ve only been here 3 years, I feel connected in the community. Lexington has so many hidden treasures and I’ve had a blast discovering them! I started this blog to motivate, create, and collaborate with others.

I currently have a full time position in sales and I love it.  However, I like to stay busy!  I started my event planning and marketing company in May, which specializes in small to medium sized businesses throughout central Kentucky. I work with some pretty amazing clients! Check our the WORK section to learn more.

In my free time I enjoy reading girl power books, traveling when I can, being a dog momma to Bella Louise, decorating my cute apartment, modeling, cooking and occasional crafting! Stay tuned for advice, local attractions, recipes, motivation, and all things Sass in the Bluegrass!