Meet Sass

Hey yall! 

After graduating from The University of Northern Iowa in 2016, I packed up and moved to Lexington,  pretty much on a whim! I visited a few times in college and fell in love with the city and horse country! I moved here without friends, family, or a career lined up. It was stressful and beyond difficult, but I am so glad I did it! I’ve learned alot about independence, forgiveness, and life in general. I’ve had to network to meet friends and professionals in my field. Although I’ve only been here 3 years, I feel connected because I emerged myself in the community. Lexington has so many hidden treasures and I’ve had a blast discovering them, these past 3 years! 

I started this blog to motivate, create, and collaborate with others! I currently have a full time position in sales and I love it. However, another passion of mine is event planning! I’m detailed orientated and I love to think outside the box! I work with some pretty amazing clients! In my free time I enjoy reading girl power books, traveling when I can, being a dog momma, decorating, modeling, cooking and crafting! 

Stay tuned for advice, local attractions, recipes, motivation, fashion, and some fun collaborations! 

-Miranda Stewart